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This page lists links to other projects and web sites which you might find useful.

XML Gui Frameworks

Open Source

Another project on which seems to be quite like Java Gui Builder. From their home page:
Luxor is a free, open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) that supports hand-picked Mozilla XUL goodies and also includes a ultra-light weight, multi-threaded web server, a portal engine and Apache Velocity third-party link as its template engine.
Another open source project that aims at making GUIs out of XML files. This project is based on Mozilla's XUL, just like Luxor-XUL. From their home page:
The XULUX project was started to scratch an itch (a big itch) The itch we have is that it is a pain to create gui's and it takes too much development time, while we can better use invest our time in doing usefull things, like focussing on business logic.
Open XUL Alliance
A collection of links to all sorts of XML GUI Building frameworks.
Bean Markup Language from IBM alphaWorks
The BML framework is out of date. The last update was on November 13, 1998. Java Gui Builder is an attempt at creating something similar, but with slightly different goals. From the project's home page:
Bean Markup Language (BML) is an XML-based component configuration or wiring language customized for the JavaBean component model. The language is designed to be directly executable; that is, processing a BML script will result in a running application configured as described in the script. The BML language has elements that can be used to describe the creation of new beans, accessing of existing beans, configuration of beans by setting/getting their properties and/or fields, binding of events from some beans to other beans, as well as calling of arbitrary methods in beans.


OOP XMLPanelEdit
This program seems to have the same goal as JGB. Unfortunately, this is a commercial product. Components are described using a large set of attributes. There is a 30 day evaluation available.
X-Designer is a visual GUI builder. It works by saving the design of a window in an XML file. Although this product does not work on the Windows platform, it can generate code for the Windows platform.

Miscellaneous Links
Web site that features a human maintained directory of Linux links. Java Gui Builder is featured in the Java : Development : Environments category.
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