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Please feel free to browse through these examples. If you made a complex window, and would like to share with the rest of the world, you may submit your example by subscribing to jgb-general and sending it there.

The tutorials assume that you have added jgb.jar to your CLASSPATH. If you have not done so, modify the examples accordingly.

Alternatively, use the bin\runexample.bat batch file or bin/ shell script to run the examples. These do the right thing about the classpath, thereby freeing you from a potential source of problem.

For more information about the provided scripts, read JGB Batch & Scripts Reference.

Simple Window Example

This example creates a simple window that could be used for login purposes in a secure application.

The simple window example final window.  This window has JUnit's icon on the left and two fields to input the user name and password.

Access the simple window example.

Web Browser Example

This example creates a basic Web Browser using an all native Java components approach. It is written in about sixty lines of Java code and one hundred lines of XML GUI code.

The All Java web browser on the Java GUI Builder's's project summary.

Access the web browser example.

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