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This page lists all available documentation options that are available to you. Some of this documentation will only be useful to developers.

Documentation Description

Current project limitations

This page lists the current project limitations.


This is the DTD against which your XML source files are validated.

Batch & Scripts Reference

This page describes the available batch files and shell scripts.


This page has a set of tutorials that you can use to kickstart your projects.

JGB Elements Documentation

Information and details about all XML eleemnts that exist in the system.

Java Doc API

This is the standard JavaDoc API documentation. As usual, this is mostly useful to developers.

Java Source Generation

It is possible to generate Java source code from the XML file. This page explains how to do it.

Internationalization and Localization Support in Java Gui Builder

Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) is built in Java Gui Builder to the extent where JGB will copy the a control's ID to the control's name property.

In fact, JGB behaves as if the following existed whenever an ID attribute is found on a control:

    <control id="someControl">
        <property name="name"><value type="string" data="someControl"/></property>

Since JGB uses a validating parser and valid XML files require ID attributes to be unique in a file, all controls automatically have a unique name, which allows i18n using ResourceBundles. An example will be provided later.

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