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Window Element

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The window tag describes one window. Windows extends java.awt.Window. JGB only uses javax.swing.JDialog and javax.swing.JFrame. It would be a simple matter to add support for java.awt.Dialog and java.awt.Frame.


Name Type Required Description
class CDATA No

This attribute documents a fully qualified class name

id ID No

Identifies the name by which this control will be referenced by other parts of the JGB XML file or Java code.

type CDATA Yes

Declare the type of window to instantiate.

Literal values

Value Description

Declares that this window will be of the dialog variety.


Declares that this window will be of the frame variety.

Example usage

<!-- Declare a new window named 'msgWindow' that displays as a frame. -->
<window id="msgWindow" type="jframe">

Parent element(s)


Child element(s)

controls, menuBar, methodCall, object, property, register.
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