Class KeyStrokeParser


public class KeyStrokeParser
extends Object

Implements a parser for returning KeyStroke from a string representation of the key stroke.

Java already provides such a facility but, unfortunately, the parsing uses non-standard names for meta key names.

This class provides a parser that combines both parsers into one: the passed key stroke string can be either in Java's parser format, or the more standard "Ctrl+C" format.

Francois Beausoleil, fbos@users.sourceforge.net

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static KeyStroke getKeyStroke(String keyStrokeString)
          Returns null if the key stroke string could not be parsed.
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Constructor Detail


public KeyStrokeParser()
Method Detail


public static KeyStroke getKeyStroke(String keyStrokeString)
Returns null if the key stroke string could not be parsed.

Copyright 2002-2003, François Beausoleil, All Rights Reserved