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Version History

This page lists the different versions that have been released, as well as the release dates. Follow the links to get to the appropriate section on the SourceForge web site.

Version Date Released Comments Links
0.6.5a June 29th, 2003 The first ever version of JGB released under the Lesser General Public License. This release also adds support for tabbed panes using the new sheet and tab elements. Finally, Clover coverage reached 96% using the unit tests. This is a huge leap compared to the 80% before any work was done towards this goal. News  Download
0.6a June 18th, 2003 An implementation for event handling has been added. After more than nine months of gestation, it has been done ! See the register element documentation for more information. Major website cleanup, and much better information on the elements. The documentation is automatically generated using a set of XSLT files. News  Download
0.5a September 4th, 2002 Finally added menu implementation. Also refactored use of attribute names to constants. News  Download
0.4a June 18th, 2002 Added five new elements to reduce verbosity in the final XML file. These new elements are: button, combo, label, panel and textfield. Additionnaly, control and these previous elements have seen the addition of a reflabel attribute. This attribute allows easy setting of control's labels. News  Download
0.3.1a June 12th, 2002 Minor refactorings. Added border, glue, strut and gridbag element handlers. Refactored whole web site to use relative links. Created jgb.utils.DocsBuilder to ease administrative burden of the project. Remove requirements of JDK 1.4 (LinkedHashMap). News  Download
0.3a May 7th, 2002 Major refactorings. Added event handling. News  Download
0.2a April 9th, 2002 Added implementation of <methodCall>. News Download
0.1.1a April 4th, 2002 Updated documentation only News Download
0.1a April 1st, 2002 First public release News Download
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