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Welcome to the developper's corner for Java Gui Builder !

Read about this project's goals.

Get more information about building Java Gui Builder with Ant.

Get more information about JGB's future direction.

See the Java Gui Builder's version history.

Unit Test Coverage

Cortex eBusiness™ are gracious enough to offer Open Source Java projects a chance to use their Clover code coverage tool. The Java Gui Builder project decided it would be a good thing to know what kind of net the unit tests cover.

You can take a look at the current level of coverage as a set of framed HTML documents: JGB Current Coverage (HTML)

You can look at the historical trends using one of two views:

Many thanks to Cortex eBusiness™ for their support of the Open Source community !

Submitting changes to Java Gui Builder

If you want to submit changes to JGB, you will first have to register with the jgb-devel mailing list.

Once that is done, you will submit your changes as a unidiff (-u) against the latest CVS source. Your submission must include the following:

Once you have proven that your changes implement proper test cases and respect Sun's code conventions, you will be contacted with an invitation to be a part of the developers on the project. If you agree, you will be given authority to directly update the CVS tree.

Please bear in mind that many other open source projects work exactly this way. This is to keep control of the source tree and prevent a loss of information.

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Code Coverage by Clover
Code Coverage provided by Clover
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