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Building with Ant

You will need Jakarta's Ant to build the Java Gui Builder. A build file is included with the source code to enable easy building.

A description of all targets follows:

Target Description
clean Cleans the build, dist, .clover and tmp folders so that everything compiles fresh and new.
compile Compiles the system.
test Tests the system. If at least one test fails, the build aborts.
docs Builds the documentation, including the examples, elements documentation and JavaDoc API documentation.
dist Creates the distribution files for JGB. Update the project.version Ant property in the build.xml file to get files with the right version names in them.
clover.install Installs the required Clover jars into Ant's lib/ folder.
junit.install Installs the required JUnit jars into Ant's lib/ folder.
test.with.clover Tests the system, but using Clover to get coverage reporting information.
clover.history.mark Marks the latest coverage information as a new data point in Clover's historical information. Generates Clover's coverage report with information from the last build. Generates Clover's historical report with the information saved in the clover_history/ folder.

There are other targets that have not been mentioned in this overview. These extra targets are used by the above-mentionned ones to accomplish their work. You can run

ant -projecthelp

To get information about the targets that have not been mentionned here.

Source folder hierarchy

The src/ folder is split in five subfolders: dtd, examples, java, xdocs and xsl.

This folder contains the XML DTD reference that is used to generated the final DTD. It also contains the XSLT stylesheets required to get there.
This folder contains the source example files.
This folder contains all of the Java files required to test and implement the system. This folder is further split in five: ant, core, examples, mocks, tests:
Contains implementations of Ant FilterReaders that are used when creating the website.
Contains the core of JGB. This is where the Builder lives, as well as the different tag handlers.
This folder contains the different Java source files that are used throughout the examples.
Contains mock implementations of certain classes. These are used to test the system.
Contains all of the tests for the system. The tests could be considered the actual specification of JGB.
Contains the sources, stylesheet and XSLT required to build the website and documentation.
Contains an XSLT that allows one to create Java source files from JGB XML files. See Source Generation for more information.
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